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Terms of Use

Conserving Classified Information implies advanced safekeeping technologies and measures to protect your personal and confidential information from unauthorized access. Your particulars are stored on limited access computer systems with restricted facilities, and credit card numbers and PINs are protected with highly secured encryption mechanism when transmitted over the internet.

General Work Agreement

None of your confidential information will be disclosed outside of and its authorized subsidiaries and acquaintances without your permission. We may utilize or disclose your personal information if we judge such act is crucial to:

(a) abide by the law or legal procedure served on ;

(b) protect the property or rights of (together with the enforcement of our agreements); or

(c) act in imperative situations to protect the private safety of users of Clippingimages Services or members.

Provisions of Payment

Based on our experience regarding long-term design communications ventures, we have come to a conclusion that it is mutually beneficial to take care of each project in logical working and billing stages. Planning the job, estimating cost, and billing in various phases allows or CLIENT to amend for such revisions before the completion if a project is delayed or canceled.

Copyright Issue

Unless already negotiated and agreed in written format, all the copyrights of general and commissioned artwork, website design, illustrations, programming and copies belong to .
If you provide us with materials, we presume that you own these. In such instances, the copyright belongs to you. By signing this contract, you consent to indemnify the Company from any claim that comes up regarding the utilization of materials with which you supply us.