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Nokia C1 VS Nokia E1: Android smartphone battle

Nokia C1 VS Nokia E1: Specs and Prices

They are both said to be Nokia Android-based smartphones when the Giant comes back in 2016 after years of absence and they seem to be mid-rangers helping Nokia to get closer to consumers who want affordable device. A render image of Nokia C1 smartphone was first spotted in early September 2015, which made Nokia fans more excited than ever. Nokia C1 is also mentioned as the first ever Nokia Android smartphone. Some Nokia C1 specs rumored by now include: an awesome 5.5-inch display, 3GB RAM, and 16GB of storage. The Nokia C1 cameras will hopefully be 20MP Pureview and 5MP or higher.Nokia-E1-front

We have been guessing that the Nokia C1 price at launch date in 2016 will be in our most favorite category: sub 250 USD In case of Nokia E1, its specs will probably include a 2.3GHz Intel 64-bit Atom processor, PowerVR G6430 graphics, and a 4.95-inch Full HD IPS display. In addition, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (bigger than C1), and a 2,700 mAh battery will be on-board, too. As for the camera, E1 may have a combo of a 20MP rear and 8MP front-facing shooter.. About the Nokia E1 price, we assume that with such Nokia E1 specs and look, E1 may be priced at around 200 USD. If so, Nokia E1 can beat Nokia C1 if you are very price conscious.


Nokia C1 VS Nokia E1: Different designs but beautiful Looking at the leaked pic of Nokia C1, we are quite impressed with its design. Four corners are rounded but not too rounded. The bezels are super slim and maybe made of plastic, yet not for sure now. On the other hand, Nokia E1 comes with a metal body and some nice curved borders. They are surely different in the look, so you have more choices. Then, which one do you prefer?

Nokia C1 VS Nokia E1 Prices and Availability: Nokia Budget Battle !

With those Nokia C1 and Nokia E1 prices, both are highly anticipated Nokia Smartphones and are targeting fans who want more affordable Nokia smartphones. At the price range of 200-250 USD, these two Nokia phones promise to sell as well as the old Nokia 3310! No matter what strategies the company is having we are very much looking forward to Nokia E1 and Nokia C1 Launch soon!

 From: pricepony

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