Virtual Reality the next big thing in PC Gaming

Building games for VR clearly requires a very different consideration of the physical space around the player character. Recent research has found that gamers experience less nausea if the game world creates a physical nose within the model. This would look exceedingly odd in a traditional FPS, but works in VR.

Virtual Reality

Swooping cutscenes and blurred visuals that work perfectly when projected across a monitor or three may cause undue nausea or seem unrealistic in a VR simulator. Games that have relied on camera work to convey motion to a person sitting in a fixed point may have to dial back their reliance on such techniques to avoid making people sick when the VR window fills their entire field of vision.

The bottom line is this: Making a great VR game is going to upend techniques that we’ve previously deployed to make great games for consumption on a 2D screen.

I think it’s an open question whether game designers are willing to put in the work to make this happen. That’s before we consider the cost of the headset and GPU themselves, both of which could be considerable. Maintaining high frame rates at high detail isn’t going to come cheap.

Just to make my own view clear: I really, really, want VR to work. I’ve always been wowed by the technology when I’ve tested it, and the ability to look down and see “yourself” adds an immersion to a title that nothing not higher resolutions, not 3D, and not multi-monitor support has ever remotely matched.

Source : extremetech

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