GPS Stickers Track Your Belongings

In this modern age, it shouldn’t be that difficult to invent a new-fangled gizmo to help us all find our missing keys, wallets, cellphones, and dog leashes, right?

Right! A new Kickstarter project called TrackerPad pairs coin-sized GPS stickers with a phone app to help the scatter-brained be less scattered.


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Unlike other GPS tags on the market, the TrackerPad stickers are lightweight, flexible, waterproof and stick to any object thanks to an adhesive backing.

The stickers come with a base station and phone app — both still in development, since this is a Kickstarter. According to the site, the system works when a person sticks the TrackerPad on an object and then uses their phone and the app to scan the unique QR code on the sticker.

Each pad communicates with the TrackerPad server, which in turn sends updates to the phone app at intervals that the user sets. Need to know every 5 minutes where your keys are? No problem. Every 30 minutes? Even better, because the longer the interval between updates, the less drain on the battery.


Another cool thing is that you can set a boundary for each pad so that if the one on your bike or dog suddenly goes outside the yard, you spring go into action.

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is underway and for a pledge of US $46, you can get two TrackerPads, a wireless charging bay and the smartphone app.

Delivery is expected by December of this year if the campaign is funded.


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