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Tagged: Syria

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Israel strikes targets inside Syria

Israel said it killed at least five Palestinian militants in an air strike on the Syrian Golan Heights yesterday, after cross-border rocket fire from there prompted the heaviest Israeli bombardment since the start of...


Fire at clinic in Syria kills 27

A fire at a small clinic in northeast Syria yesterday killed 27 people, mostly children, and injured about 30 others, official media said. State news agency SANA, citing police, said dry branches had caught...

aleppo 0

Syria barrel bombs kill 71 civilians

Barrel bombs dropped from regime helicopters killed at least 71 civilians in Syria’s Aleppo province yesterday, after forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad retreated from the neighbouring northwestern region of Idlib. Insurgents now control...

syria 1

Syria pushes ISIS back from Palmyra

Syrian troops pushed Islamic State group jihadists back from the ancient city of Palmyra yesterday, easing fears over the world heritage site, after fighting that left hundreds dead. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights...

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Yemen Crisis Dozens dead as dairy plant bombed

Many regular people were accounted for dead yesterday after a dairy plant was bombarded in Yemen, as support gatherings cautioned of a blending helpful emergency from Saudi-drove strikes on Shiite rebels. Yemeni Foreign Minister...

humanity fall 0

Failing humanity

This picture shows how “humanity failed” in Syria. This is the heartbreaking moment a four-year-old Syrian girl ‘surrendered’ to a photographer when she mistook the man’s camera for a gun. Taken at the Atmen...