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Tagged: Russia

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We’re inching towards peace with Russia

Fifteen months into Ukraine’s bitter conflict, some have begun to hope that the region’s first effective ceasefire just might turn into a longer peace. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, who says he has worked “every...

obama_17 0

Russia Making a ‘Big Mistake’

US President Barack Obama said Friday that Russia’s decision to send military advisors and equipment to Syria extended a strategy “doomed to failure,” and could kill off already stagnant peace efforts. Obama said that...

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France, Russia settle row over warship

France yesterday agreed to pay compensation to Russia for cancelling the sale of two warships, a Russian official said. France stopped the sale after the outbreak of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where Russia...

fifa1 0

Blatter is a victim: Russia 2018 chief

FIFA’s embattled president Sepp Blatter is “a victim” and “a very brave person”, the chief executive of the 2018 Russian World Cup organising committee said on Friday. Blatter was in St Petersburg for Saturday’s...