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Tagged: lifestyle

armitage480-blogSpan 0

Reviving Classical Art

Abhignana Shakuntalam will be presented by second year students of NSD, incorporating contemporary issues along with Kalidasa’s immortal verses. In an effort to recreate and revive the Indian classical theatre, National School of Drama...

rita-ora-grateful 0

Rita Ora Has no Time to Rest

Rita Ora never has time to rest. The ‘Body On Me’ hitmaker has opened up about juggling her tour schedule with being a judge on the new series of ‘The X Factor’ and admitted...

hair 0

Awesome Hairstyle for pretty women

Bearing planned your comparative the laws of gravity associated with a situation, hairdressing along with curly hair tying guidelines are generally meant to change just as much as your current apparel fashion knowing that...

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How To Wear High Heels Without Pain

It’s the age old question every woman: How to wear high heels without pain.. Many of us (guilty, here) have throughout the years adopted a “grin and bear it” attitude, choosing our love for stylish...

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Chose right table lamp beside your bed

Even the most stylish and well-decorated a room isn’t complete without proper lighting. Overhead lighting is a necessity, but task lighting is equally important and serves a multitude of purposes – providing additional illumination...

Mother-and-Baby 0

Life Before Babies vs Life After Babies

While having children is amazing, it might mean you will have to replace a few aspects of your pre-baby life with some family-friendly options: 1.PRE-BABIES: An ‘early night’ with your partner (wink wink). POST-BABIES:...

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Viagra for women

Does she really have a headache? And if not, could a little pink pill help? For the most part, we know that for many women, the only “headache” that is causing her to avoid...

Red-Lobster 0

Sizzler Promotional Commercial 1991

Sizzler is the decision of America. Gracious yes, they are. A special commercial for Sizzler from 1991 surfaced on Reddit Tuesday and takes after something out of an awful ’80s film. The strangely devoted...