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Tagged: health

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The Frightful Impact of Antibiotic Resistance

Excessive use of antibiotics has led us to being resistant to its benefits. According to a new study published in Lancet Infectious Diseases the increasing threat of antibiotic resistance poses great risk for patients...

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Half-An-Hour Exercise to Curb Asthma Attacks

According to a recent study, the asthmatic patients can breathe a little easier by exercising half-an-hour a day, every day.  The experts came to this conclusion after analyzing the exercise habits of 643 participants...

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A New Discovery in the World of Sugar

Good news has been dished out to the patients suffering from type-2 diabetes by the German based company Boehringer Ingelheim after it declared having created a new class of pills used in the treatment...

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Call for Mass de-worming Exercise

A large-scale de-worming treatment programme is needed to rid some 1.5 billion people of these harmful and unpleasant parasites, say researchers. The Stanford University team says the World Health Organization needs to step up...

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Test Shows How old your Body Really is

Scientists say they have developed a way of testing how well, or badly, your body is ageing. They say it could help predict when a person will die, identify those at high-risk of dementia...

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The Noose of Sweet Fragrance

According to a study published in the Journal Environmental Chemistry Letters, adverse health effects can be caused by the incense smoke. Researchers at South China University of Technology assessed the risk of having health...

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Cure Varicose Veins with the Help of Tomato

Treatment of varicose veins with ripe red tomatoes: This system is like the past. The ready tomatoes ought to be washed, cut into slight cuts and set on the agonizing veins for 3-4 hours...

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Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Apple Cider Vinegar Apple juice vinegar is useful in lessening knee torment. Because of its alkalizing impact, apple juice vinegar helps break up mineral form ups and unsafe poisons inside the knee joint. It...

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Ginger Recipes for Weight Loss

  The recipe we are about to present to you in this article is consisted of tomatoes, ginger, lemon, celery and hot pepper and it is the biggest enemy to fat. All of the...

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Senate delays vote on Medicare payment

The Senate will wait more than two weeks before acting on a bill to permanently fix the flawed formula for reimbursing Medicare physicians, after an April 1 deadline to start a 21 percent cut...

Lu Zhihao shows his empty rice bowl to his teacher during lunch time at a kindergarten in Foshan 1

Gulf obesity trend can be reduced

In a video seen around the world, a Saudi Arabian man weighing some 600 kilograms was shown being fork lifted from his apartment in 2013, so he could get medical treatment. His may have...

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A mother’s Thirst to Cure her Son

Nashville, Tennessee – At 55-years-old, Terry Jo Bichell is a couple of months away from earning a PHD in neuroscience. She says it puts her one step closer to achieving a goal she set...