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Tagged: Entertainment

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Toddler Swims like a Pro!

Look at this brave little swimmer. This little bundle is courageous enough to dive into a pool. She not only can dive, but also knows to handle her breath while swimming in an adult...

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Rats Can Save Like A Hero From Landmines

If rats are given training they can save you from landmines.Bomb-sniffing rats could save thousands around the world from death and dismemberment every year. APOPO, a Belgian NGO that has been training giant African...

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Wonder Hand of 10 Year Baby Boy

Child talents are emerging day by day. A 10 year old boy is doing wonders. Playing catch with his dad in the back garden, Alasdair Howell might appear like any other 10-year-old boy. But...

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Awesome Creative and Conceptual Ads

In our daily life we see various types of advertisements based on the company logos and also the types of products. Some are very casual while some are attractive. There are creativity and innovative...

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New film events of the week

Glasgow Comic Con If your idea of a comic-book movie is limited to costumed superheroes saving the world from yet another CGI threat, you need to read more comic books, or watch more films....

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Bobbi Chats With Laverne Cox

I love watching Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset on Orange Is the New Black, but I’m even more impressed with the beautiful example she’s setting for women across the globe. As the first trans woman of color...

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Sizzler Promotional Commercial 1991

Sizzler is the decision of America. Gracious yes, they are. A special commercial for Sizzler from 1991 surfaced on Reddit Tuesday and takes after something out of an awful ’80s film. The strangely devoted...

Amsale - 2011 New York Bridal Week 0

What makes the perfect wedding dress?

Bridal gowns are frilly frights no more, with chic, streamlined looks taking over. It was an Ethiopian expat who helped start this trend, writes Lindsay Baker. Ethiopian hipster style : As an arena of fashion,...

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Video Funny Steps by a Drunken Raccoon Go Viral

A thirsty raccoon has somehow clawed his way inside a beer distribution warehouse in Brooklyn, and before long hilarity ensued. The feral intruder was caught red-pawed licking prime Brooklyn brew off of the floor...

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Review of Jurassic World

It’s 22 years since Spielberg’s original adventure, but does the fourth movie in the series have teeth? Critic Nicholas Barber gives his verdict. Jurassic Park is open for business – and it’s about time,...

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India’s first lesbian video ad goes viral

Advertisements are used to promote the business and get profits. India’s first advertisement showing a lesbian couple preparing to meet the parents is making waves on social media. The online video shows two women...

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Develop Good Reading Habit in Your Child

Frequently parents become unhappy about their child’s liking of watching television over reading a book. They make reading as a task and children perceive this as a compulsion and not as a choice. Parents...

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Godzilla Gets Citizenship Certificate

The big guy Godzilla has a residential address now in Shinjuku. Shinjuku has a population density of about 17,000 people per square kilometer but undeterred by this it has granted citizenship to a new...

X+Factor+Viewing+Party+Sponsored+Sony+X+Headphones+mQiWewdDF6cl 1

Sony’s MDR-1A: Best Travel Headphones

If you like to buy a quality head phone for using your smartphone you can collect the Sony’s MDR-1A. That earlier model was known for being extremely comfortable, and the very similar looking 1A,...

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Coca-Cola Company Celebrates 100 Years

The most famous cold drink throughout the world celebrates century. Still the popularity is the same. The all-American drink in the shapely bottle turns 100 this year. Jonathan Glancey explains why its perfect curves...