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Tagged: China

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China now has more billionaires than US

BEIJING: Communist China has overtaken capitalist United States in the richie rich list with 596 billionaires to America’s 537. The stunning jump has taken place in the last one year — spurred by the...

18th_National_Congress_of_the_Communist_Party_of_China 0

China to Set New Plan for Troubled Economy

China’s Communist rulers will gather later this month, state media said Monday, to set the world’s second-largest economy course over the next five years, as slowing growth raises global concerns. The Communist Party meeting,...

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IMF Gloomy on World Economy as China Slows

The International Monetary Fund cut its growth forecasts for the world economy Tuesday, warning of increasing risks from the slowdown in China, which is dragging other emerging markets down with it. The global economy...

Store with an "Apple Store" sign is seen in Shenzhen, China 2

Apple Launches Apple Music in China

Apple Inc launched Apple Music along with iTunes Movies and iBooks in China and said the cloud-based music streaming service will roll out on Android phones this fall. Apple will offer Apple Music subscribers...

afp-britain-urges-closer-china-ties-despite-economic-risk 1

Britain Urges Closer China ties Despite Economic Risk

Britain’s finance minister George Osborne called Tuesday for closer business ties with China as he visited its commercial hub of Shanghai, despite slowing growth and stock market volatility in the world’s second-largest economy. Osborne,...

baahubali-poster-41 0

“Baahubali” in 5000 screens in China

Indian film “Baahubali”, directed by SS Rajamouli, will release in over 5000 screens in China by E Stars Films this November. Since its release, “Baahubali” has shattered numerous records and today, stands to be...

coffee 0

Commodities haunted by Brazil, China woes

Coffee prices scored new lows this week as Brazil was snared by emerging markets turmoil, while crude oil sank on stubborn fears over Chinese demand and global oversupply. Top coffee producer Brazil hit the...

new-china 0

China to step up fiscal incentives to boost growth

China will adopt “stronger” fiscal policies to support growth, Beijing said as it seeks to sooth increasing fears about the world’s second-largest economy following turmoil in domestic and overseas markets. The government will accelerate...

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China to halt stock trading Amid Volatility

China plans to halt all trading on its stock markets if they move 5 percent or more, according to a statement from the country’s two exchanges, as authorities seek to control a rout. If...

japan_stock_FAFE 2

G20 seeks to smooth economic shock waves from China

World finance ministers and central bankers gather in Turkey this weekend to grapple with the fallout of slowing growth in China, tanking emerging economies and panicked global stock markets. Signs that China’s economy —...