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Tagged: Apple

Store with an "Apple Store" sign is seen in Shenzhen, China 2

Apple Launches Apple Music in China

Apple Inc launched Apple Music along with iTunes Movies and iBooks in China and said the cloud-based music streaming service will roll out on Android phones this fall. Apple will offer Apple Music subscribers...

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Apple Revving Work on Electric Car

Apple aims to have an electric car on the road some time in the year 2019, according to a report on Monday in the Wall Street Journal. The Journal report, which cited unnamed sources,...

apple_media 1

Apple presses deeper with new iPhones and more

Apple is bolstering its money-pumping iPhone line while looking to dive deep into businesses with iPads and dominate living rooms with Apple TV hardware tuned to app-loving lifestyles. Tricked-out new iPhone 6 models, along...

CKwWklIUkAA6ksc 1

Apple’s Two Biggest Challenges in India

With only a tiny share of the world’s fastest-growing major smartphone market, Apple Inc is stepping up its push into India, with a first targeted TV advertising campaign, expanded retail network and promotional financing...

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Apple Service Outage Stretches Into Hours

Apple has suffered a fault that struck several of its online services. The tech company’s iOS App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes music and video marketplace and iBooks shop are all refused to allow...