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Any role of Katie in Sunanda murder case?

It’s been a year when Sunanda Pushkar, the 51 year old found dead on 17th January 2014 in room number 345 of Leela Palace hotel in Chanakyapuri. She married the former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor after separating with her former spouses namely Sanjay Raina and then Sujith Menon. The Special Investigation Team’s investigation on the murder case of Sunanda Pushkar reveals the case with the fact that, though she was disturbed with the IPL controversy and the Tarar twitter incident, there is one more incident which is related to Katie.



The 24 year old Abraham Katie is an author and a United Nations diplomat according to her social media profile has posted a blog as ‘Letter to my inspiration dr. Shashi Tharoor’. She also claims that she is writing a biography on Shashi Tharoor. She has also released a book called ‘Silence of Love’. The twitter controversy in Tharoor’s life with the Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar and Katie both follow each other in twitter.

During her last days Sunanda was quiet disturbed according to some while verdicts of others are she lead a normal and happy life. The controversies still persists and will remain till the actual reason of the murder of Sunanda Pushkar reveals. According to sources that told Mail Today that the clear poisoning of her is the main reason of her death but who murdered her and why, is not clear so far. Investigation is on the go to reveal the case. The hot news of today is Katie who is in contact with Tharoor but is there any connection with the murder case is yet to found out.




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