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What is Newsnish?

Newsnish is a place where one can explore the field of knowledge and can publish one’s own thoughts and creativity. It is helpful for getting the world news at one stop. It welcomes the Writers, Bloggers, tourist guides, chefs, technicians, doctors,nurse including all other professionals to contribute here in Newsnish. It is soon going to cover the entire world into one single site.

What does it provide?

It provides information covering all the areas starting from International news, Business news, Tecnology news, Car news, Travel News, health tips, daily life tips, Recipes, Sports News and such.

How to contribute?

To contribute in Newsnish, click to the Sign up Button and open an account. After confirming your account, you will be able to share and submit your write ups here. But it will be published only after approving by admins.

Can I comment?

Yes, you can share your opinions through comments. We highly appreciate such involvement for our posts. In case you want to submit any link, it must be relevant to the post.

Do I need an account to comment?

For commenting on Newsnish posts, all you have to have an account in any social media site, like- Facebook, Twitter and such.

Who is the owner of this site?

Multinational graphic designing and outsourcing company PNS Media and Communication who has offices in USA, Australia, Bangladesh is the owner of this site.

How trusted the information of this site?

All news are collected from world famous online newspaper like huffington posts, BBC, AFP,USA Today, NY Times etc. so, all news are from trusted sources.

What are aims of this site?

Helping people to know the latest information and technology.