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Category: Gadgets

As gadgets are available in different forms nowadays, online news platforms such as latest gadget news are critical of their performances.

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Drone Market to Hit $10 Billion by 2024

LONDON — The market for military drones is expected to almost double by 2024 to beyond $10 billion (€8.9 billion), according to a report published Friday by specialist defense publication IHS Jane’s Intelligence Review....

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Watch A Hacker Take Over A Drone Remotely

Toy drone companies are not known for their cybersecurity finesse. Twice at this year’s annual hacker conference DEFCON, presenters demonstrated hacks on the Parrot series of drones that sent them crashing to the ground....


New Japanese Glasses Block Facial Recognition

Computers are really, really good at recognizing faces. Refined through work on millions of uploaded and tagged faces at sites like Facebook and elsewhere, algorithms that identify faces can place people in locations based...

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Drones Hamper US Firefighting Efforts

US firefighters have condemned drone owners who flew their craft near forest fires and grounded helicopters being used to douse flames. Lives were put at unnecessary risk because helicopters could not fly, said fire...