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Category: Movies

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Vidya Balan Turns 37

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, who turned 37 on the New Year’s Day, is back home after being discharged from a hospital here. She was admitted to a hospital after she faced suspected kidney-related issues....

bajirao-mastani-vs-dilwale_6cffc7be-abc0-11e5-a7bd-0a525bed8fcc 0

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Films

From the thundering PK, to box-office results that were pheekay-pheekay, from Big B’s motions to small films that broke notions, from SRK calling Salman dost, to Ranveer-Arjun’s Roast, a curtain call for 2015. Stars’ Wars...

w620-491a4a6bca6c9e29bd29474c87dae402 0

Movie Review: ‘Joy’

A version of this review appears in Friday’s Weekend Life section of The Oklahoman. 3 of 4 stars. Who knew so much drama could be wrung out of a mop? With writer-director David O. Russell at...