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Category: Celibrity Cars

Newsnish, being the preferable online news site, is top at searching Celebrity Cars for Sale.

salman-khan-bmw_600x450 1

Salman Khan’s BMW X6

BMW cars have always been loved by prominent and celebrated actors from the industry. Each model is well known for powerful engines, splendid designs and top class comfort level. The X6 is marketed in India...

p02m69t7 0

Ludacris with His Two-Decade Acura Romance

Christopher Bridges, otherwise known as Ludacris, is celebrated for some things: being among the first effective hip-jump specialists from the US southeast, featuring in the very fruitful The Fast and the Furious film establishment,...

BMW-7-Series-21670 1

The Master Sachin and his garage

Sachin Tendulkar’s first love is definitely cricket, but did you know he is also a car fanatic? The legendary cricketer owns several sports cars, some of which he purchased, while others were acquired over...

ff 1

David Beckham Car Collection

David Beckham has solidified himself as one of the world’s greatest soccer players. He was signed with Manchester United at the tender age of 17. That was way back in 1992 and he hasn’t...