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Author: Arafat Newsnish

main-skinny-guy-rules-to-gaining-muscle_0 0

Workout to Gain Muscle

The most effective method to WORKOUT Perform these activities three days every week, resting in any event a day between sessions. Differ the sets and reps, as well. On Day 1, finish five arrangements...

deep-web 0

Dark Web’s ‘Evolution Market’ Vanishes

The Evolution site closed as its administrators went offline reportedly taking with them bitcoins people had deposited with the underground bazaar. The two administrators are believed to have absconded with about $12m (£8m) in...

Mother Comforting Daughter Victimized By Text Bullying 1

How to Deal with Cyberbullying

Hannah Smith, Izzy Dix, Rehtaeh Parsons – just a snippet of the tragic roll call of children who have committed suicide in the last year, with cyberbullying cited as a factor in their deaths....

dna-to-store-data-in-future-scientists-were-able-to-convert-a-book-into-a-strand-of-genetic-code-scientist2 0

DNA Could be The Future of Data Storage

Every piece of data ever produced by mankind – from the entire Wikipedia archive to the complete Netflix catalogue – could be stored onto a spoon-sized amount of DNA capable of surviving for “nearly...

481697699-638x425 0

What to Eat Before and After Exercise

Are you running on empty every time you hit the gym? The food you eat before and after your workouts can either minimize or maximize your athletic performance. Whether you prefer a brisk morning...

12.22sugar 1

Sugar Is Poison for Depression

Is sugar toxic? It is when you consider the levels the average American swallows each year—a whopping 130 pounds of added sugars ingested annually. That’s about 22 teaspoons a day, way over the max...